The Ransdorp Tower is open to the public. There is a changing exhibition space on the first floor.

Standing on the flat roof of the tower provides a magnificent, panoramic view over the Waterland area. A typically Dutch landscape.

View from the Ransdorp Tower

For a small fee groups, companies, and schools can visit the tower out of hours. Hosting a marriage ceremony or engagement proposal is also possible in this unique, picturesque location at the top of the tower. Please bring your own champagne and glasses!

You can actually help to keep the Ransdorp Tower open and accessible to the public by becoming a volunteer and/or attendant. Not only will you have a good time, you will also receive a modest remuneration.

The Ransdorp Tower in facts

Year: Unknown. Anyway after1502 and before 1542.
A letter from Philips van Oostenrijk, Duc of Holland in 1502 to Jacob Dirks, a resident of Ransdorp, points out that the church at that time did not have a tower, because he wrote that the residents if they wanted to construct a tower at the church, they had that permission to constuct a tower on the land and the court of the same Jacob Dirks. In the same letter Jacob Dirks got the permission to built a brewery.
Commissioned by: Unknown
Architect: Mr. Jan Poyt
Architecture: Late Gothic, brick and sandstone ornaments
Functions: Bell-tower to the church, entrance of the church, prison, safe, storage of the fire engine
Height: 32 meter
Stair steps: 155 (24 + 85 + 46)
Wall: until 2,25 meter

Ransdorp Tower - entrance view